Lucid dreams

by plainspeak

This post is about the lucid dreams I had a few days back. One night I had a lucid dream about a mixer grinder, and another was of a horrible scenario in college.

The first lucid dream went like this. I wanted to grind something. So, I put the ingredients into the mixer. When I saw that the electrical plug of the mixer wasn’t connected to the electrical socket, I decided to plug it in. But then, I saw that the bottom two pins of the plug were sort of bent and softened. But, I decided to plug it in anyhow. But, after I did that, I saw that there was a reddening of the socket, and I realized to my horror that it was going to blast. I ran as hard as I could, and came till the main door of my house, when there was a blast. I couldn’t remember if I had the time to open the door or not. I just felt for my mouth to see if it was just a dream. Yes, it was just a dream.

In the second dream, I was back in the college hostel. But, the hostel was kind of transformed, and I had new wing mates. I had returned from my home after the holidays had got over, and because of my habits in the holidays, I was getting up late every day. So, one day I got up late as usual and realized to my horror that my classmates had written their end-sem exams and had come back , and I had slept in my room during the exam. I asked people how many exams had gotten over through these days, while I was sleeping, and I didn’t get satisfactory answers(Different people take different electives). I was so sad. I thought maybe my in-sem marks will help me pass, and then I realized that I hadn’t done well in a few electives, and I wasn’t sure which electives I had missed. My mind was convoluted. An idea sprang up that probably I can tell the teachers that I was ill, and get a re-exam. Another idea came to my mind that probably, this was all a dream. And I shook myself to see if it was so. I was actually thrilled in my woken state realizing that my horrible situation was just a dream.