Matrimonial site idea

by plainspeak

The idea for the site is not unique. The concept exists in Orkut. The website is to match those couples who have crushes on each other but are afraid to tell that to each other. When a person decides it is time for his/her marriage, and if he/she has a crush on someone, it is better to find out if he/she has the same feeling towards him/her. So, the person will have to enter the e-mail id(unique to a person) of the person he/she has crush on. If the other person too has entered this person’s email id, there will be a match. But, if you don’t know the other person’s email id, you will have to get it somehow. Or you can use the phone number as an accompanying universal id.

The design for such a website will be very simple, but the venture will be a success only if a very large number of people use the service, and if the people using the service are serious enough, and don’t play games using the service.