Wiki website idea

by plainspeak

This is an idea about a website, that suddenly sprang in my mind. I was always exasperated whenever I saw some shopkeeper, or any service provider for that matter, give deficient service, and still manage to make a lot of money. At such times I always wondered why no other person came in and took advantage of the deficient service by starting his/her own business. But then, I realized that probably someone needed to informal prospective entrepreneurs of the prevalent situation. So, I hit upon this idea wherein there is a wikimapia kind of a thing wherein say, if you want a barber/hair stylist at a particular place say, XY extension, you indicate on the location of XY extension in the map that you want a barber here. If a lot of people want that, they will second your opinion, and the rating of that particular demand will increase. So, prospective entrepreneurs can see the kind of demand for different services/products and they can start suitable businesses.

But, there are a lot of issues to be taken care of while designing the website.