by plainspeak

Well I was thin before. Many people don’t believe me when I say this and I don’t want to get my old photos to show them how I looked before when I was thin. I want to show them that I can become thin “now”.

Well, I became fat when I was in my P.U.C I think. I used to play Football regularly in my school, or some sport, every day. So, I was thin as a stick. Well, when I went to Alike to do my PU, there too I saw people were playing Football everyday. But, I didn’t know them well enough , and there they used to play barefoot and they played a predominantly aerial game. But, I tried to play with them, but since I didn’t know any of them, and they hadn’t seen me play, nobody passed the ball to me. That was the end of my playing days in Alike, nipped in the bud. It is another matter that, I scored a goal in a Science versus Arts and Commerce match in second year. But, it was too late, and because I think the food was predominantly rice based, and I liked Alike food a lot, I gradually became fat, and the fact is I didn’t even notice it then.

By the end of two years, I was fat.

Well, in my graduation period, we used to play for a stretch of time regularly, in patches. But because of the rains , during majority of the stay, we couldn’t go out. And with people adamant on playing FIFA on the computer rather than offline, on the football ground, we were short on people. It is another matter that we revived the playing days in the 7th semester and we even played Football the day before our end-semester exam. Well, again it was too less I think. Moreover our college used to give 4 months holidays per year, and because of the non-overlapping of the holidays with my VTU and Medical friends(former classmates), I used to stay at home, and used to go occasionally on the bicycle for cycling. I never went walking or jogging, because I loathed people who did that, because it was very boring, and I felt that they could as well play some game, and enjoy and get exercise too, all at the same time. Given my fondness for good food, and the scarcity of it in our great messes, and the abundance of good food in my house, and because of the boredom caused by the long holidays, and as an accompanying activity to my reading(novels), I ate a lot. And I became fat.

Well, but, as I said, we continued to try to play in the college. But, as I had grown fat, I began to feel that my knees were struggling to withstand the force of the jumps and falls, during playing. But, because I am fond of playing, I continued giving it little thought. But this reached a crescendo in Final year, when I was playing barefoot and because of it the stress on my knees and legs was more.

Then came the D-day. The day, I broke my knee. The day, I later found out I had a ligament tear. We were playing football after a gap of many days, and there were many people that day playing, and all of us were enthusiastic, and the size of the football court that day was big. So, there were quite a few long passes that day. Well, as usual, my opposing team scored a goal, I remember it was Sanjay, thudding the boards of the Hockey goal, which we used as a football goal. As usual my pride hurt and I had to score for my team to bring our team level. Well, many minutes passed, and there was no goal. And then came a long pass, and I thought if I collected the ball correctly, I could take the ball to the opposite team’s goal, and score. But, when I saw the long ball, I realised it was slightly tough to collect the ball cleanly. But, my ego wouldn’t listen. It said that I have done similar things before. When the ball finally arrived from a great height towards the ground. I instinctively stretched my foot, but I stretched it too far. My foot wobbled with my knee as the pivot as I fell very very awkwardly. At the moment this happened, I saw the bone below the knee joint twisting away from the joint and then coming back to its normal position. This was the most horrific moment of my life. Well, I felt a lot of pain at the moment combined with the horror of seeing the joint out of position for a moment. I sat down, cleared the crowd of concerned players away to take breath of fresh air, and then thought that just like the players in TV who come back on the ground after a relief spray, I though I could continued too, but again I tumbled. Then , at that moment I realized that I had a serious injury on my hands, or knees rather.

After being given compression bandage treatment initially, a month later after a MRI scan, the doctor realized that the injury in fact was a ligament tear. Very few people know that a ligament tear takes more time to heal than a bone fracture, and thus is more serious. Well, so they put a cast on my knee, and then the saddest part, I was given crutches. Well, then I realized how it is to be a disabled person in India. The odds are always stacked against you. It is tough to board a bus. You can’t shit if you don’t have western toilets. Well I had to attend a job interview in Bangalore with my cast on leg, and a sock on top of it to hide the cast. I wore only one shoe on the healthy leg(right leg). Well, to my luck, no one from the company noticed this. Well, it is another matter that I got the job too, but I got it only b’coz the guy who was originally offered the post rejected it.

Well, with the cast and the crutches, I had to continue my eighth semester, i.e doing final year project, and studying for end-sems. Well, I did finish the semester, the last day of which I went to hospital ,and asked what the future course of action was. By this time the cast was taken off, but there was still pain in the knee, but a thousandth of the initial pain, when I was injured. There were of course niggles, and the occasional stumble. The doctor advised me to do the exercises that he had asked me to do, and which he realised I had neglected till now.

Well , I had thought that he might recommend surgery, which he had told that was may be required. Well, I heaved a sigh of relief, booked the last ticket home, and went to hostel, with a light heart. Well, an interesting thing happened on my way home on the bus. Can’t divulge details here.

Well, in the holidays, I once felt so much pain in my left injured knee, and even the right knee was paining equally at that time, but as I usually do, I gave it time. And at the end of the holidays, the knee had become far less painful.

Well, then, before leaving for Bangalore I decided that I got to lose weight to reduce stress on my knee. When I happened to check my weight here, I saw it was 74.5, up from 68, when I was in second year. The ideal weight for my height being 65.

Well, then I decided to reduce my weight to 65 in a period of 12 months.

This I decided I would do by:

1. Doing Yoga
2. Eating well, but eating differently
3. Playing some low impact sports daily
4. Getting good sleep
5. Waking up and going cycling

Well, as of now after about one month, after doing 1,23 and 4, to some extent, my weight has reduced from 74.5 to 71.6.


I hope to keep track of my weight, and hope to lose the required by this methodology of mine, of which doing Yoga is the most important part.

Well, if this becomes a success, I (along with SK) plan to start DWS, Davangere Weightloss Solutions, with “Weightloss by Yoga” as the flagship service. It will overtake VLCC, and maybe even Microsoft, with the scale of the problem of obesity we are seeing today.

Well, I still don’t know the score of the football match that day.