Bangalore, slums, roadside eateries, etc

by plainspeak

I have observed near my place of work(3 idlis cost 23 rupees inside) the numerous roadside eateries which serve dishes like poori and may be some chitranna(lemon rice). And of course the main customers of these places are the blue collared workers. And the road I take everyday takes me past Kundalahalli colony which looks like a slum area. And a km from that place is my payout where the rent for a sucking 2 bedroom house is a god damned 9000 rupees.

Why do such places exist, so near to the riches?????

Well, the answer is very simple.

Because, we are one of the most stingiest(excuse my grammar) people in the world. We give 20 rupees per month for people who take kachda everyday from our houses. 15 rupees to the barber for a half an hour work of labour, some 300-400 for a maid. Basically we pay very less for blue collared workers because there are so many willing blue collared workers in India(bcos of the large population). What this results in is that these people can’t eat in a decent place, can’t live in a decent house(rent is too high). So, these roadside eateries , slums come up. And, we complain about them. The solution to all of these is just to pay the amount they deserve. India will definitely become a better country then.