BMTC bus and kannada nameplates

by plainspeak

When discussing the communal clashes issue in our college, we realised one thing. That, Hindus should point out the mistakes of Hindus, and Muslims of Muslims. If it is the opposite, tempers will rise. In the same way, people from Karnataka should point out the mistakes done by the Karnartaka govt in the name of Kannada. If any kannadiga goes to UAE and sees the nameplates in Arabic, would he be able to make sense?. If the nameplates are there in English AND kannada, people will start using public transport, as people who can’t read kannada nameplates might not want to use BMTC service(as a mark of protest), or most probably can’t(though there are numbers, it is not enough if you want to travel to a different place than your usual destination).

So, it is high time BMTC introduces bilingual nameplates. Period.