Terrorism, religious fundamentalism, conversions,joblessness, Kalam, HDK

by plainspeak

As long as no one forces anybody to convert why should anyone have a problem if someone wants to convert?. Why can’t people mind their own business? I know that there are certain Christians who want to convert people. I have personally received pamphlets from them. And I have taken them and used them appropriately since I had cold at that time. Well, the point is, even if they give some money to a person, the person benefits. He gets money. The real losers are the Christians themselves because, they are offering a person money *only* if he wants to convert. That shows how jobless they are and how lopsided their thinking is. But, it has to be said that *usually* Christian convents give a better *primary* education. I studied in a convent and I received a wonderful education. The school was awesome with a great playground, where we used to play football everyday before classes started. Well, we had to attend Christmas masses though. I didn’t give a damn at that time because it involved sitting on the white marble which was cool. I read in a recent newspaper report of a annual day school celebration in a school in Bangalore that the proceedings began with the reading of the bible. This, I don’t think should happen. Why don’t have a reading of Quran instead?. Another thing. I don’t know if this was from before but I have been noticing that there are pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses in BMTC buses. This is wrong again. Well, people will argue you can’t really put a Muslim god’s picture since if you do that, Roshan Baig and Deve Gowda will come with topis on their heads along with jobless people from Shivajinagar and throw stones at BMTC buses. Well, you can put Jesus’ and Mary’s pictures. The point is we should steer clear of patronizing *only* one religion in such circumstances. Coming back to the topic of conversions, I have seen lot of educated people talk about this topic, and they say, we have to protect our religion. If you really want to do that, why don’t you go the himalayas and do tapas. Why don’t you stop eating meat? Why don’t you go and help the poor and needy? No, they don’t want to do that. Because, they can’t do that sitting in their armchairs.

Even, I have noted that these Christians target the dalits, and if something happens to the dalits, they go and do something *only* because they see an opportunity for conversion. Well, one might say that it is only because the dalits are discriminated upon. Point taken. But, if they are discriminated, they should lodge a police complaint. And, why wont these people help those who don’t want to convert. Well, there are great Christian institutions as well. I have personally seen my primary school teacher distributing biscuits to beggars(good quality biscuits), and giving biscuits and asking us to do the same. There are many Christian institutions which are doing great service in the field of education, and medicine(Read Mother Teresa etc). I saw an interview in which a pastor in South Africa tells about how he encouraged people to use condoms(to prevent AIDS dude) even though they were against Popianity(Christianity is twisted beyond recognition, only thing Christ said was, Love your enemies. It is another matter that I also follow his principles, only hitch being my enemies are good looking females. Just a joke dude). There are such great people in Christianity. These conversion fanatics are only spoiling the good name of their religion. Well, the shitty Bajrang dal is no better. What right do they have to go and damage the churches?. Why can’t they stay at their homes and grow vegetables? They are simply people who don’t have any other job or work to do. They are like those retirees who go and walk and chat with people of their age and do nothing else.

The basic premise of my argument is that people are jobless, and that’s why they want to do this conversions, and that’s why people go on and damage churches even though the other party might not be guilty, and because of this joblessness that somebody actually thinks of creating circuit diagrams to build bombs.

It is just my observation, and it has no proof. My point is these bomb blasts happen when there is nothing happening. No cricket is happening dude. When there is cricket, I bet people will be watching it and will have no time to prepare bombs.

So, the solution to all of this is to have entertainment through out the year(cricket etc).

Another thing I have noticed is the ghettoisation of Muslims. They always live apart. Only if they are integrated in the society(physically), can there be a change in the hindus hate muslims and vice versa situation that we have.

And another thing, I saw this speech by Chiranjeevi, and he says he was inspired by Kalam. I have seen this happen many times(Remember HD Kumaraswamy. I remember Kalam commending HDK for doing village stays. Even I was happy with HDK. But, little did I know that it was just a step in the scheme of his father HD Deve Gowda). People chumma take his name. And, because of the, “Authentication by association” funda, people actually start liking these ridiculous people.

And, I am jobless enough to write such a post, and you are jobless enough to read it. Hi5. It’s not nice. I get these HI5 requests. I don’t want to have multiple social networking accounts dude. It’s tough to manage one.