Times of India crap

by plainspeak

There was an erroneous article in the Life supplement of the Bangalore edition of “The Times of India” dated May 16, 2010.
Here is the article.

It should be noted that the article is of women who worked as spies. There is a picture of some female spies. But, it also includes the photo of
an American journalist Roxana Saberi. But, the thing to note here is that Roxana Saberi wasn’t a apy but just simply accused of being a spy by the
Iranian authorities and detained, and was later released. To put her picture is grossly misleading. Here is the article

There is another thing I have noted. A few days back, there was an article about an incident where an insect was found in a Frooti pack in Intel
office.See this The next day there was an interview of Vineeta Bali, the Britannia CEO, she saying that she belives Parle has nothing special to offer to Britannia in the form of an acquisition. See this too . I don’t believe that there can be two adverse stories in two days. Most probably, the second article is a clear case of “Paid News”.