Poems I wrote in a poetry workshop

by plainspeak

I attended a poetry workshop this weekend (Mar 26-27, 2011) , organized by TFA(Link to TFA website) . I wrote a few poems there. I am posting 2 of them here.

One of the task given was to identify a problem that one had while composing poetry, and represent it by a place/animal/thing, and then try to resolve it as the poem progresses.

Difficult cat:

The cat sits on the mat
Staring blankly at me.
I call it by its name
It stares at me again.
Am fed up of this brat
Doesn’t do what I say.
I think I’ll kill it
Get it out of my way.
Then it comes, sits on my lap.
It’s so cute, I’ll let it stay.

If I have written the poem properly, you will have guessed that the problem I have in poetry is over-reliance on rhyme which sometimes influences the content of the poem I write. But, since it sounds very good when the poem rhymes, the trick is to use it wisely, and only where required. The poem is addled up, I agree.

Then we were asked to write a poem about a nun. This is what I wrote.


A nun is someone
Who thinks she has won
Her battle on desires.

A nun is someone
Who doesn’t want to be a wife,
A part of someone’s life

A nun is really someone
Who has none to tell her
How beautiful she is!!!