Deterministic theory of the events in the universe

by plainspeak

This was written in December 2005.

Consider this argument. Suppose I am tossing a now almost defunct
Indian 25 paise coin, what do you say is the probability of heads
falling?. You might say 0.5 or half. But consider this for a moment.
Suppose you know how the coin is flipped and you know all the
conditions which might affect the outcome of this experiment like the
atmospheric pressure and temperature in each infinitely small volume in
the space, the positions of all the molecules of every discovered or
undiscovered gas or some other state of matter for that matter(or
energy?)  in the space and the magnetic and electric field at every
point in the space around, you can definitely say whether heads will
fall or tails.

So the thing which is being said is that “The state of the system(the
whole universe) at time t=0 sufficiently  predicts the outcome of all
the events that are going to take place afterwards.”

The three basic assumptions which allows the above statement to be made

1: All matter and energy in the universe is made of a fundamental thing
which can be given a name like “whocares”.
2: The positions and all other parameters of all the “whocares” in
the universe at any instant of time “are” defined  . (There is no
uncertainty as believed by Heisenberg).
3:  All the parameters related to all the “whocares” in the
universe are sufficient to predict the exact parameters of any other
“whocare” in the whole universe at any instant of time in the

You might think what is the use of the parameters of  all the
“whocares” in the universe. It’s simple. Suppose your position
tomorrow has to be determined it is sufficient to determine the
positions of all the “whocares” of which you are made of.

You might as well say that the things such as your future can’t be
determined because it is in your hands and that the decision of your
future lies with you. But it is necessary to remember that the thoughts
which you get and the decisions that you take are all the outcomes of
chemical processes which take place in the mind which wouldn’t have
taken place if the materials necessary for the chemical processes were
not there and according to the assumptions, all the materials of the
universe are made of “whocares” and the position of all those
“whocares” in your brain would have been determined at time t=0 and
so even if you think that you can change your future “the very
existence of that thought” would have been determined at time t=0.

“So, what does it mean?. We think we can change our future but in
reality the future is determined.”

 Another important corollary can be drawn:

What if it is determined at t=0 that nobody in the future will come to
know all the parameters of all the ‘whocares’ at t=0, then no one
will ever come to know the theory.
Suppose it was determined that somebody will come to know the theory
then that somebody who comes to know the future, he will come to know
it but won’t be able to change it because it would already have been
determined at t=0 and no one can change it.

So  the whole essence of this idea or theory or whatever name you give
is that :

1:          “The outcome of all the events in the universe is
determined at t=0.”
2:      “The discovery/non-discovery of the “Parameters of all the
‘whocares’ at t=0′ has
        already been determined at t=0 but we don’t know what it is
and we may never
        know till somebody discovers it”
3:         What was the event that happened at t=0 which determines all
the outcomes that happen even know is for you to accept or decide and
depends on your faith. Bye for now.Ufffffffffffffffffffffff.