Grammar of anarchy in the land of *Democracy*

by plainspeak

Last updated: April 11, 2011
Imagine your computer is infected with a deadly virus such as Brontok. Would you go about doing your day-to-day work on your computer as if nothing has happened? Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to do it. If you insert a pen drive the virus will infect it; it will reboot at random times; you won’t be able to open your anti-virus program or to surf the internet. The computer’s Operating System –  the framework under which the software programs work –  would have been fucked.

The Democracy of India is in a similar shape.

  • We have elected people into the Parliament who have turned out corrupt. They have amassed huge amounts of money by using their powers of discretion to favor select people in return for kickbacks. They have ensured that the profits from the happening sectors(mining , oil , telecom, real-estate/construction) are all privatized  into the pockets of their election-expenses paying cronies, and have made sure that all the losses are nationalized( BSNL , Air India). They have got re-elected by using their money power and muscle power. If they have been caught doing things against the law, they have changed the laws to bail themselves out.  
  • The highest courts of our Constitutional Republic are filled with corrupt judges like Dinakaran and Balakrishnan. They pass orders to whoever pays them well. Politicians influence these judges to pass orders favoring their cronies/kin. When some honest judge refuses to be influenced, his voice is muffled by those at the top. These corrupt judges also ensure that honest judges don’t get promoted. There is also this funny but tragic phenomenon of Uncle and Aunty judges. So, if you think the courts are clean, think again.
  • The bureaucracy is hand in love with the legislature in looting the public money. One needs to get through the UPSC exams to get into IAS. This involves interviews; this implies that the interviewer has to take a subjective decision whether the candidate is good or not, and whenever there is subjectivity there is no transparency. So, I am sure a lot of people get selected even though they don’t deserve it. And at the state level, people pay lakhs of rupees to get into govt jobs, and more money to get transfers etc. So, to recover back the money, they indulge in corruption. To act against the corrupt IAS officers, the govt needs to give permission and the govt., which is more often than not the beneficiary of it, won’t give permission lest the can of worms is opened.
  • And I don’t have to say anything about our independent media.

So, all the four *pillars* of democracy have been infected with the virus – the virus of corruption. Just like the Brontok virus prevents you from running the anti-virus program to heal the system, they will prevent you from doing anything that will help bring back Indian democracy to its former glory. If you ask the politicians to curb criminalization in politics, they will say consensus is needed. You can wait a 1000 years to get consensus. If you raise the issue of fixed orders, the judiciary will book you for contempt for court. If you try to expose corruption in the bureaucracy, they will make you run around like you don’t have any other job in the world, and they will assault you. If you try to expose the media for its bias, they will start calling you names.

They themselves won’t take steps to stem the rot, because they are the rot. You can’t expect a virus to heal itself. So, the only way to clean the Operating System is to reinstall it, and to add more protection. We need  to convert Windows Operating System into Linux. They won’t do it, so we need to force them to do it. And, one way of forcing them to do it is to speak in the “grammar of anarchy”. 

Update: But I think instead of asking for Lokpal bill, Anna Hazare should have asked for electoral reforms which would have more impact than the Lokpal bill.

P.S: Please correct me if I am wrong.