Why do people smoke?

by plainspeak

I used to take a walk almost every afternoon when I was working in ITPL, usually with my colleagues who were also my classmates in college. We had quite a few interesting discussions during the time. One day, one of them said he had read somewhere that people smoke not because of their addition to nicotine; it’s because they get a feel-good feeling as they inhale a lot of air while they are at it. This sounded interesting. It was interesting because the reasons for somethings might not be what they appear to be. Sometime later when I was traveling in an auto, I saw a billboard with an advertisement for clothes. It struck me then that the models looked good not because of the clothes they had put on, they would have looked good even if they had been dressed in rags. So, one should rather improve one’s health and try to remain fit, than buy expensive and utterly useless clothes.
    I observed a  few more things recently. I read somewhere that some people, in order to show that they are not lonely, pretend that they are texting. On a ride in an auto recently, the auto-driver stopped and bought some gutkha, and consumed it. I have also observed people sporting a confident look when they are chewing gum. Imagine Ricky Ponting standing at mid-on, doing this. So, I think, people get a feeling that they are *doing something* even when they are doing a completely useless thing like chewing gum, chewing gutkha, smoking cigarette/beedi, or texting; this makes them feel less lonely, and more confident.

P.S: I have not done research regarding the cigarette thing. Too lazy.