Shanti Bhushan/Prashant Bhushan CD controversy

by plainspeak

Points to be noted.

  1. Hindustan Times(HT) says the CD is not doctored.  HT bases its report on a “govt agency”. It doesn’t name the agency.  How can a media company get a test done in such a quick time, that too from a govt agency? Doesn’t the govt agency have any other work to do? Was the work done without any fee? Why would a media company choose to get a report done by a govt agency when the same govt is driven to the back-foot by the very person whom people are trying to implicate by the CD. The author of the linked article is none other than the respected journalist Vinod Sharma, widely regarded as unbiased in issues which not concerning the Congress. He says in the article that he will disclose the report at the right time. Ya, right. 
  2. Times of India too says that the CD is genuine. It bases its report on “forensic experts”; it too doesn’t not name anybody. Of course, how would you name them? How would an expert(if there indeed was) sign on such a report? His/Her reputation would go to pieces, and nobody would approach such an unreliable person in the future for any work.
  3.  Prahsant Bhushan says the CD is doctored , on the basis of reports given by two agencies, one in Hyderabad and one from the US. Both, according to my preliminary analysis are reliable agencies. The links to their websites are here and here.