Letter to Anna

by plainspeak


I have been a supporter of your movement for some time. Below are my suggestions on how to choose good people.
1. Call for people who want to contest in a constituency under you party banner.
2. Filter those who have criminal cases against them
3. Filter those who are very poorly educated.
4. Ask the remaining people for a debate in a town-hall kind of setup
5. Have voting by the party members in that particular constituency to choose the candidate

And as far as how to collect money for your party activities , this should be least of your concerns to be honest. If you do fund-raising by going to people, there are lots of people who want to donate money for a just cause. This is also an alternate way of spreading the message about your party and people will have a feeling of ownership when they contribute money.


Although I supported your movement, I cannot vote for you because:
1. For the next elections, since I don’t think your party can get enough seats to make a difference, I will be voting for the NDA. Also, I fear that by your contesting, you will be causing a split in the anti-Congress votes just like Chiranjeevi caused a split in Andhra, which would cause Congress to come back to power, the main party you are protesting against.
2. I am not in agreement with your economic views. I am a supporter of free markets, and I think NDA is best suited to implement reforms. A socialist setup would give more opportunities for corruption than a setup where there is minimum govt. Modi has showed the way forward here, and I will be voting for him as PM. He has not been charged with any wrong doing even after investigation by the Supreme Court appointed SIT, so I can be true to my conscience and vote in his favor.

But, I am happy for my country that a clean set of individuals are entering the political scene. Best of luck. And thanks for your movement which has helped to raise great awareness against corruption.